Students and staff

We know that our new Headteacher will work with students in all year groups, and staff from all areas of the school. So we asked them, what do you want our new Headteacher to be like?

Year 1 said:

"Someone who helps us to follow the rules."
"Someone who is kind to the children and rewards all the good things."
"An adult who is polite and says thank you to the children."
"Someone who lets us make mistakes and then try again."

Year 2 said:

"Someone who is kind; they care about all of us and the school.
"Someone who is happy and smiles at the children."
"An adult who is respectful to the school and the children."

Year 3 said:

"Someone who makes the children and the teachers happy everyday."
"Someone who is kind, supportive and helpful. They look after us when we are worried or hurt."
"An adult who supports and respects our school and helps all the children to respect each other too."

Year 5 said:

"Someone who is gentle in their actions and their voice."
"An adult who is able to make sure that everyone can learn."
"Someone who cares about the children and checks in to see if they are ok."

Year 6 said:

"Someone who takes the time to understand all the children’s feelings."
"An adult who does not think they are better than everyone because they are the headteacher, they are humble."
"Someone who plans exciting activities for all the children."
"An adult who takes the time to know us and cares about us."

Our Staff said:

"A person who recognises strengths and works alongside staff and pupils to build on current practices to move the school forward."
"A leader who can work collaboratively through listening to staff and developing school together."
"Someone who invests time in building strong relationships with pupils, staff and parents."
"A person who has high expectations and aspirations which support both children and staff to bet he best that they can be."
"Someone who has a vision for the future of the school and a commitment to the team and moving the school forward."
"A person who is present, seen and engaged in all elements of school life."
"Someone who embodies and promotes our school values through love and understanding."
"A person who is kind, resilient and committed to Manston St James, keeping the children at the heart of all that hey do."