Our Staff
We firmly believe in our staff and we are committed to ensuring that all employees are supported to further develop and grow as professionals. We seek to be an employer of choice and do this through offering a workplace culture and environment that attracts, retains and grows expert employees.

Central Education Team

Our academy leaders are supported in securing improvement in their schools through the Central Education Team. The team consists of a Director of Education, Executive Principal (Primary), Executive Principal (Secondary), Strategic Leads for Assessment, Safeguarding and Attendance, Primary and Secondary Strategic Leads for School Improvement and a small team of lead practitioners.

Corporate Services Team

To ensure our academies can focus on improving teaching and learning to deliver educational excellence, our central corporate team provide support across all aspects of:

  • Finance  
  • HR  
  • IT  
  • Health & Safety  
  • Facilities & Estates  
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Marketing & Communications

We value our staff because exceptional learning requires exceptional teachers. We provide excellent professional and career development and aim to be an employer of choice.  

Meet our Trust Staff